Clinical and Forensic Evaluation [CAFE] Lab

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The Clinical and Forensic Evaluation (CAFE) Lab, housed in the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Psychology Department, focuses on the validation of psychological assessment instruments, with a special focus on scales that detect invalid test responding. Dr. Burchett works with CSUMB undergraduates to conduct research in collaboration with Patton State Hospital (Patton, CA) to examine the utility of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) in a maximum-security forensic inpatient setting. Most of our work is supported by a grant awarded to David Glassmire and Danielle Burchett from the University of Minnesota Press-Test Division.

Bagby CAFE Lab Photo

CAFE Lab members Rosemary Gutierrez, Kendall Whitney, Taylor Chille, Jenny Hatch, Katrina Conen, and Kylin Peck with Dr. Burchett and Dr. R. Michael Bagby after his February 2018 brown bag talk at CSUMB.

img_2198-e1495841541960.jpgJennifer Bennett, Kim Hudson, Grace Lee, Kait Wilkerson, Brittany Smith, Stella Ornelas, and Kayla Marshall prepare for the CSUMB Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Spring Showcase, April 22, 2016 (Right).

Because there is a steep learning curve and slow process from idea development to presentation of final results, students are typically accepted into the lab under two timelines:

  • One-Year Cycle: Students interested in getting a hands-on research experience (e.g., conference presentation) during their undergraduate career should consider applying to the lab for a Summer-Fall-Spring cycle (often starting the summer after second or third year). In the summer, students read literature to get familiar with existing research. In the Fall, they propose a research question, conduct analyses, and submit a research proposal to a conference. In the Spring, they prepare a poster, practice delivering it, and attend a conference to present their work. Additional opportunities (e.g., coauthorship on a journal manuscript; paid position through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center [UROC] Researchers Program) may be occasionally available.
  • UROC Scholar (Two-Year Cycle): Students interested in a longer-term commitment to assessment research should consider whether they would like to apply to the CSUMB UROC Scholars Program. Students apply to this program in the Fall (often in Fall of second year) and, if accepted, commit to a two-year intensive research and professional development experience (Spring-Summer-Fall; Spring-Summer-Fall), supported by UROC and a faculty mentor.

Additional Recommended Training Experiences: Interested students may wish to obtain additional relevant training by pursuing a minor relevant to their career goals (e.g., Statistics; Social Work; Human Development; Business) and/or participating in the UROC Undergraduate Research Certificate Program. Volunteering at local community agencies is also a valuable training opportunity, as is taking on a leadership role in a campus club (e.g., Psi Chi; Psych Society) or local organization (see Get Involved page).

Relevant Knowledge (NOBA Modules)

If you are a CSUMB undergraduate interested in joining the CAFE Lab, please e-mail Dr. Burchett at:

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Recent Publication by  **Lab Members

**Romero, I. E., **Toorabally, N., Burchett, D., Tarescavage, A. M., & Glassmire, D. M. (2016). Mapping the MMPI-2-RF substantive scales onto the internalizing, externalizing, and thought dysfunction dimensions in a forensic inpatient setting. Journal of Personality Assessment. Advance online publication.  **undergraduate research assistant

Maddie Cardellio, former CAFE Lab member, presents at the 2022 American Psychology-Law Society.


CAFE Lab members, Amanda Hansen, Emily Cordova, and Chloe Patch present their poster on gender and ethnicity differences in suicidality self-reporting and suicide-related behaviors to Dr. Thomas Joiner at the 2019 Annual MMPI Symposium.


CAFE Lab members, Jennifer Gilmour and Rosemary Gutierrez, present their paper to a large audience of assessment scholars at the 2019 Annual MMPI Symposium.

CAFE Lab presenting at SPA 2017

CAFE Lab members, Katrina Conen, Jayme Luna, Kayla Marshall, Brittany Smith, Cori Enriquez, Stella Ornelas, Ashley Tedesco, and Haley Cline present three posters at the 2017 Society for Personality Assessment Annual Convention.

CAFE Lab members, Rosemary Gutierrez, Taylor Chille, Kylin Peck, and Kendall Whitney present two posters and a paper at the 2018 Annual Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Symposium. 

Ky Rosemary Yossi NANCAFE Lab members, Kylin Peck and Rosemary Gutierrez,  present a poster to their “grand-mentor” Dr. Yossef Ben-Porath, at the 2018 National Academy of Neuropsychology. 

Recent Professional Conference Presentations by  **Lab Members & ***Former Lab Members

CAFE Lab members Taylor Chille, Katrina Conen, and Kendall Whitney present three posters at the 2018 American Psychology-Law Society Annual Convention.

SPA 2017_Poster Honorable Mention AwardDr. Burchett, Brittany Smith, Stella Ornelas, Cori Enriquez, and Kayla Marshall receive a Poster Honorable Mention from Bob Archer at SPA 2017.

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Recent Student Research Competition Presentations by **Lab Members

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Katrina Conen and Jenny Hatch at the California State University Student Research Competition, Sacramento State, May 2018 (Above).

JaymeKatrinaJayme Luna and Katrina Conen at the California State University Student Research Competition, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, April 2017 (Above).

Isabella with Chancellor

Isabella Romero presents her research to California State University Chancellor, Timothy White, October 7, 2015.

Naz Isabella CSU SRC 5-1-15Nasreen Toorabally and Isabella Romero at the California State University Student Research Competition, CSU San Bernardino, May 2015. They later published their work in the Journal of Personality Assessment.