Dr. Burchett’s Courses


PSY 300 – Career Preparation for Psychology Majors. Students will learn about career paths for psychology majors at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels of training. They will reflect on their life and career goals to plan curricular and extracurricular educational goals. They will draft professional documents such as a resume, cover letter, curriculum vitae, and personal statement, practice oral communication in a mock interview, and will start to develop ideas for a Senior Capstone Project that fits their educational goals. (Prereq: PSY 100 and PSY 200 and PSY 200L)

PSY 395 – Special Topics: Preparation for Graduate School in Psychology. This new course is designed to support students who are applying to graduate programs.

PSY 397 – Independent Study. This course is designed for students working in the Clinical and Forensic Evaluation (CAFE) research laboratory.


PSY 320 – Psychopathology. This course critically examines mental illness in adults from various theoretical and empirical perspectives (e.g., biological, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral) and provides an overview of the predominant psychological disorders. The emphasis will be on the etiology, symptom/diagnostic criteria, and treatment approaches of psychological disorders. Advanced research findings in this area will be emphasized. Formerly PSY 374.

PSY 320L – Psychopathology Lab. Laboratory course to accompany PSY 320 (Psychopathology). This course will consist of supplemental activities that will enhance understanding of research methods in Clinical Science. Empirical article review and research writing are required.

PSY 395 – Special Topics: Directed Research in Psychological Assessment. Studies in a particular topic [psychological assessment research]. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (Offered only as interest warrants.) (Credit/ No Credit Available)

PSY 395 – Special Topics: Mentorship and Facilitation Skills. Studies a particular topic in Psychology [mentorship & group facilitation as a course assistant]. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (Offered only as interest warrants.) (Credit/ No Credit Available)

IMG_9851Spring 2018 Course Assistants (from left): Nick Barnes, Wyatt Stokes, Chanell Jacobs, Amber Harris, Fatima Cortez, Selena Velasquez, Teresa Nieves, & Lillybeth Arroyo

IMG_5417Fall 2018 Course Assistants (from left) collaboratively develop a lesson: Kristi Anduiza, Jennifer Balderrama-Canales, Lillybeth Arroyo, Siecuna Yeboah, Mauricio Procopio, Jazmin Luna, & (not pictured) Evelina Stewart, Angelica (Angie) Vanegas, & Isela Paz Diaz

Sp17 CAsSpring 2017 Course Assistants (from left): Nicki Clark, Nicolasa Villalobos, Dr. Burchett, Rebekah Newman, Sarah Loera, & (not pictured) Dani Riquetti at the 2017 Psi Chi Induction Ceremony

Spring2017CAsSpring 2017 Course Assistants (from left): Nicki Clark, Summer Faso, Nicolasa Villalobos, Rebekah Newman, Dani Riquetti, & (not pictured) Sarah Loera at the 2017 Psychology Society Banquet

fall-2016-course-assistantsFall 2016 Course Assistants (from left): Dani Riquetti, Sarah Loera, Cori Enriquez, Sophie Deleon, Daisy Perez, Isabella Romero, Stella Ornelas, Yani McBride, Mariela Aceves, & Brenda Melgoza-Ortiz

Course descriptions quoted directly from https://csumb.edu/catalog/psychology-courses